What's a block print?

Other FAQ

How many prints do you make from each block? For each block I carve, I sell less than 100 imprints.  Those 99 prints may be broken up in different ways. For example, I may do a black and white edition of 40, a color edition of 40, and up to 19 experimental artist proofs, for a total of 99 prints total, ensuring that each piece is special. 

What is an artist proof? An "artist Proof" is a printmaking term that was originally used to check the progress of prints during their production When I use the term "artist proof" I'm talking about an experimental print that is different than the other prints in the main edition(s).  So, for example if someone loves a bird design that I've done which is part of a limited edition black and print run of 40, they may ask me to make them one in blue-- a color that better matches their home.  I would do so, and sell it to them as an artist proof.  It wouldn't be part of the limited edition of 40, but it would count as one of the 99 prints I allow myself to make from each carved block. I may only make 1-3 artists proofs of a particular type, or-- if it's popular I may make more to satisfy demand.

Do you offer framing?I'm a one person operation, and I'm not able to offer framing at this time. However, I try to create artwork that fits easily into standard frame sizes, which makes buying frames easy and hassle free. The mats and backing board that come packaged with your prints are all acid free- and so you can literally just take it out of the eco sleeve and place it into the frame!  For recommendations on where to find frames that fit your pieces, see my framing page.  Finally, at certain times of the year, I may host a framed prints sale.  Sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to be alerted to such events!